About us

Ceairtek is a Polar Global Hvac Systems brand and as such is committed to the Polar Global vision and values. The brand has developed its mission to specialize in providing optimal solutions for creating ideal agricultural environments. The Ceairtek team achieves this by using an innovative and intelligent approach, prioritizing sustainability, productivity, and profitability, while promoting crop growth and responsible resource management.

With over 8 years of experience in the Cannabis grow industry, Ceairtek has established itself as a reputable provider of equipment and HVAC solutions for Controlled Environmental Agriculture installations. The brand has a dedicated business unit that focuses on pursuing this business development. The expertise of Ceairtek’s teams in market knowledge, product development and engineering, enables them to provide the best possible solutions to specific installations.

Being a brand of the Polar Global Group allows Ceairtek to benefit from the essential partnerships and personal connections with companies and individuals all over the world, that Polar Global Group has developed over 35 years. This experience gives access to Ceairtek to specialized insights and market knowledge, allowing us to constantly improve our product designs, manufacturing processes, and quality assurance procedures as the market evolves. Our international network allows us to stay ahead of changes in the market and is valuable in overcoming challenges and developing new alliances

Ceairtek’s brand values are aligned with those of its parent company Polar Global, which include being customer-oriented and putting the best effort to serve customers and partners, integrity, prioritizing people as the cornerstone of the business, being a world player with an open-minded and international approach, using courage, passion, and dedication to grow and adapt proactively, and being committed to environmental sustainability.

Polar Global’s vision of making every indoor space in the world ideal for the well-being and benefit of everyone while contributing to environmental sustainability resonates with Ceairtek’s mission of striving to provide sustainable solutions that promote ideal agricultural environments, leading to a better world for everyone.

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Ceairtek products are specifically designed to provide the precise control of the temperature and humidity of the facility throughout the range of conditions that may be present due to the changing weather, plant grow cycles and day-night lighting schedules. Furthermore, connectivity is necessary to integrate multiple system types into a comprehensive overall agricultural strategy. It is for that reason that many Ceairtek products offer direct connectivity to the building management system. Each connected Ceairtek product can be individually controlled and monitored through the BMS for increase resiliency.

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